bake artisan quality bread at home

No more bad bread

Are you tired of foul tasting, soggy textured, additive-packed supermarket "bread"? Or have you tried using a machine and found that it just doesn't make bread like you buy from a traditional craft baker? Would you like to learn how easily you can bake fantastic tasting bread in your own kitchen? Then read on ...

Bake great bread at home - it's easy

Making your own artisan quality bread at home is so satisfying, and you don't need any special skills to get started. What you do need is a little knowledge of how baking works: this site is here to give you that knowledge. We recommend that before you start on one of our bread recipes, you should read the Understanding Bread and Equipment and Techniques pages. If you are new to baking, you should start with one of the simpler recipes. When you have a little more experience, you will be ready to tackle more advanced subjects such as sourdough bread.

The blog is now up and running: I'll be using it to record new recipes and other bread related things that I've tried. We also have a forum, so if you have any questions or want to share a recipe, please do post on there. Or you can follow me on twitter. Finally, if you like the site, please tell your friends about it or pass it on through facebook, stumbleupon, etc.

Home baked 'no-knead' rustic loaf

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